Why Does Google Love Blogs?

Have you ever seen a kaleidoscope at rest, with all of its colorful pieces standing still? Its colors and shapes remain attractive, but they lack the compelling sparkle generated by motion.

Before blogs (weblogs) first became popular some 15 or so years ago, websites were
static. Businesses created websites (or had companies like PerfectWright do it for
them), were excited about their launch, then forgot all about them. Two, three, or more years crept by, and nothing in them changed–kaleidoscope at rest.
The Home page remained the same. The About page listed the original principals of the company even though its staff had expanded significantly; the Services page failed to keep current with the firm’s latest offerings; sometimes, even the Contact page boasted out-of-date information. Dead, dead, dead!
Then along came blogs, free-standing articles brimming with useful information about subjects related to, but not the same as, general website content. Suddenly, websites sprung alive with new information that changes monthly, bi-weekly, weekly, or even more often, but always appears at consistent intervals.
Blogs entranced Google with their dynamic motion and inspired it to create new algorhythms and tracking bots that would forever and continuously reshape their host websites.

Spiderbots were now constantly crawling and evaluating blogs and entire websites, checking for indicators that effected their ranking: back links from reputable sources relevant to your site, traffic, fresh, ever-changing content, shares on social media, comments from readers, visuals such as photos, graphics, cartoons, and videos.

As playground for new and more, searchable keywords, as well as invisible-to-readers Meta copy (Meta titles and Meta descriptions), blogs became a hotbed of opportunity for Search Engine Optimization and a significant determinant of website rankings.

In addition, blogs commanded new audiences, new business and new profits. Free, useful information attracted the attention of organizations seeking higher revenues and greater profitability. Compound expanded client interest with positive Google rankings, and you’ve got a double whammy of success.

So keep Google smiling and grow your audience at the same time with compelling blogs that keep your website fresh and ever-changing. Start generating irresistible kaleidoscopic motion for your website today!

(PerfectWright will be glad to help you: mary@marygroll.com; 267-217-7600.)


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