Want Results from YOUR Website? Ask Yourself These Questions…

 1. Have you branded yourself? Who are you? What overall benefit do you offer your clients? Think big. Make your logo and tag line reflect your brand and maintain consistency throughout all of your marketing materials–website, blogs, e-mailings, newsletters, ads, letterhead, business cards, signage–as well as your office/store culture.

2. Who is your target audience? Don’t cast too wide a net. Address your content directly to those most likely to purchase your product or service. Use the word “YOU” in addressing them, not “clients” or “customers.” Put yourself in their shoes and provide solutions to their specific problems. Offer them what they need.

3. Is your site plan easy to navigate? Easy scrolling from page to page or sub-page is essential. Visitors have short attention spans, so they’ve got to land quickly. Set up multiple internal links that take viewers from page to page keeping them on your site longer and giving them more information along the way.

4. Is your phone number bold and clearly visible at the TOP of each page? Don’t expect visitors to waste precious time scrolling down to the bottom (especially on an iPhone) to find your contact information. Make it easy for them to reach you.

5. How compelling and consistent are your page headlines? Questions capture attention; so do surprising statements and numbers. Be sure all of your headlines appear in the same font and font size so that if you wrote them all on a single page, they would look like they belonged together.

6. Do you have visuals on every page? Photos and videos not only capture attention, but also hold viewers on your site longer. Don’t forget to tag and caption them. Every website should boast at least one video–think You Tube.

7. Are you publishing blog posts regularly? Blog posts often bring visitors to your site that might not ordinarily visit, so be sure to set up a blog page. Publishing at regular intervals–weekly, monthly, etc.–is a great way to keep your website dynamic and keep Google happy at the same time.

8. Is your content easy to read? Short paragraphs–titled with sub-heads, bearing bulleted or numbered lists, using italics for emphasis–guide your visitors quickly through your message.

9. What’s your Call to Action? What do you want your visitors to do? Make a purchase? Subscribe to your newsletter? Unless you tell them specifically, they’re unlikely to do it. Use a brightly-colored, clickable button with a clear command: ORDER HERE; SUBSCRIBE NOW to get results.

10. Have you optimized your site for search engines? Use keywords potential clients might use to find you both in your text and headlines. Meta copy on the back side of your website is also important. (Not familiar with this? I’ll be glad to help you.)

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