Need Help Writing? It’s Not What You Say, But How You Say It.

Are You…

  • Tired of struggling with how to put your ideas into words?
  • Too busy doing what you do to write about it?
  • Not sure how to grab the attention of your target audience?
  • In need of dynamic copy that sells?

Do You Seek…

  • Riveting headlines and sub-heads that attract and hold reader’ attention?
  • Compelling copy that turns visitors into leads?
  • Keyword-embedded text that boosts your Search rates?
  • Editing that gives your writing clarity and focus?
  • Proofreading that surpasses your Grammar/Spell Check?

Then why not…

  • Build revenues with professionally-written content that attracts clients to your business practices?
  • Avoid losing clients who associate sloppy grammar/punctuation with sloppy business practices?
  • Save time and money with affordable outsourcing of labor-intensive writing/editing/proofreading?
  • Expand your reputation for excellence with impeccable text?/

If you’ve got the content, I’ve got the words to sell it–and the flawless copy to showcase your excellence.

Don’t hesitate to contact me to discuss your website, blogs, newsletters, press releases, resumes, LinkedIn Profile, or any other written communications: Mary Groll, PerfectWright: 217-216-7600.


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