What Can Small Business Owners Learn from Super Bowl 17 Advertiser WIX?

Why do YOU watch the Super Bowl?
To witness the best teams rival each other? To see what superstar players can do under pressure? To feel like a part of an American TV community all focused on “the game”?

For many of us, it’s not just about football at all.

Seeing how creative, national advertisers spend their millions of dollars to attract new business is a whole other sport. For small business owners who lack mega budgets, there is much to be learned. Whether you’re creating a website, posting blogs, or sending out e-mailings, the rules of the audience attraction game are the same.

WIX’s 2017 Super Bowl commercial teaches us how to…

1. Grab your audience with in-your-face verbal and visual content.
This fiery commercial uses violence, sexual innuendo, and action to rivet the attention of its viewers. (Does the commercial make its connection to the WIX product clear? We’ll see how it plays after February 5th.) You can move down field with compelling content and visuals, too.

2. Find the right placement. Location, location, location is as important in advertising as in real estate. Though advertising on the Super Bowl requires mega bucks, WIX has seen the big tab pay off for the past two years. That’s why they’ve decided to run with the ball for the third year in a row. Find a balance between what you can afford and the value of the exposure, and you’ve got it made.

3. Promote like crazy. It’s not enough to create a great commercial (read ad/blog/website/email). You’ve got to promote it in places that offer maximum exposure to your target audience. Where are your people? Facebook? LinkedIn? Instagram? Your local TV or radio station? Huddle there.

Understanding that Facebook was right for them, WIX made history by launching its 2017 Super Bowl ad campaign on Facebook Live, January 17th. Creative placement, yes?

4. Encourage audience participation with an intriguing offer. WIX invited Facebook viewers to change their profile pictures to an image of Chef Felix (as shown on the WIX website) in order to win up to $50K in its score-big contest. How many will do it? Just think of all the website visitors it will get. Can you think of a way to get your audience to participate actively on your site?

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